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With all the wax pens on the market right now, there are sure to be some duds in the mix. There are a few qualities that should be looked for when considering which one is best. Cheap vape dab pens are exactly that. Coils can be made of quartz which can be great for those looking for an intense flavor from a concentrate.

They are easy to clean, but unfortunately do not last very long. The perfect wax atomizers are made with ceramic plates. Ceramic plates heat the THC more evenly and generally can avoid that burnt flavor that cheaper plates can cause. The ceramic plates are also durable. Last on the list are silica wicks. Also, the flavor is lacking considerably in silica wicks. A vape dab pen should be small and lightweight. It should be able to be stored in a purse, pocket or thrown in a gym bag or backpack. Otherwise, there is not much point to using it.

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First-class vape pens are about the size of a pen. For added discretion, it should fit in your hand and be pretty much hidden from view when vaping. Settable features are perfect for blowing some clouds even when dabbing weed oils. When that mood strikes, it is nice to have a pen that is flexible. Others looking for more control over the process will want to have a wax pen that can set a specific temperature or other programmable presets. Depending on the user-experience there are starter kits for newbies and single devices for more experienced users.

The length of the battery runs the gamut. If low-temperature dabbing is required, then a battery should last longer even on lower voltage batteries. When dabbing at high temperatures, a more sturdy battery will be needed if it needs to stay charged the whole day before recharging. If you see an extended warranty, that is a good indicator that the dab pen is well made as the manufacturer expects it to last. Though a short warranty is not a sure sign that corners were cut, it might indicate that if problems arise that the user is on their own. No matter what type of product is being discussed, whether it is dab pens or laptops, it is always best to get the best that the budget allows for.

An excessively cheap dab pen might end up being so unsatisfactory that it ends up sitting almost unused in a drawer. That is money wasted. Instead, consider the price and if there seem to be cheaper options, try not to get tempted by them.

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Going for the more expensive option is usually the best move. Having a wax pen with temperature control is a great way to get the most out of the liquid oils that are being vaped. Depending on the number of terpenes , the compounds that give weed its flavors, and how much flavor one is after will determine what temperature is best to vape wax. The resulting high may not be very intense, but for relaxation and enjoyment of the range of flavor from the concentrate, this is a lovely temperature setting. This is the range most weed connoisseurs will want to have their pen set to.

These two pens can be the same thing just with different names as they both will vape concentrates such as wax. The short answer is that they are usually the same thing, but make sure to check out what kind of concentrates can be vaped by the particular pen. For instance, some wax pens may not be able to vape a liquid oil like a Butane Hash Oil. The first step is to make sure the battery is fully charged. Next, check to make sure the atomizer is working. If the pen is more than a month old, the coil may need to be replaced. Load the chamber with about a rice grain size bit of material, whatever it happens to be.

Be sure not to underpack or overpack. Underpacking will result in having to vape more frequently and end up using more concentrate. Overpacking may see some leaks and get messy since the melted concentrate will not get completely vaped.

Set the right temperature according to the material being vaped. This only applies to dab pens with temperature control. Some are set by default to a specific temperature that cannot be changed.

#1 The Sol E-Nectar Wax Pen

Then inhale in a steady puff. If there is some concentrate left, then wait a few seconds to finish vaping it to avoid burning. On the other hand, it depends on the definition. Will it smell like somebody is smoking a joint? Not even close. Somebody standing nearby may feel a hint of marijuana, but it dissipates very quickly. It will be tough for an innocent bystander to also detect where the smell came from. There is quite a big difference in the high that comes from vaping rather than smoking.

Smoking weed results in a longer lasting high. The high can be described as being cleaner and also peaks much faster.

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Being a purer way of getting a dose of THC, the resulting high will end up with the user feeling less sluggish and have the energy to go about their business. Still high, but less drugged up a sensation as one gets from smoking. Ah, yes, the quintessential giveaway that somebody has been smoking weed! The smoke from a joint does not solely cause red eyes. The capillaries in the eyes get expanded and end up showing red caused by the marijuana. So, yes, red eyes still may occur in some people. Taking the smoke out of the equation helps some, but some people may have eyes that get just as red.

There will always be a time and place for bongs or joints, but for all the other times, it is simply more effective and convenient to dab, rather than smoke. Nobody is predicting the end of smoking marijuana in a traditional way.

The point is that dabbing works for many people in ways that smoking a joint never will. The pure flavor of the weed through dabbing is reason enough for some people. The ability to vape weed wherever and whenever they want is a big draw for others. And, the quality of the high is still another reason to start dabbing. What is the best all-around dab vape pen?

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Stay tuned for more reviews! We love to hear feedback, so please drop a message in the comment section below if there are any questions about vape pens for wax. Phantom Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer with 4 temperature settings to enjoy oils and waxes. Read more to find out why vapers love it. SourceVapes makes the Source 10cig, an inexpensive vape pen for waxes and dabs that features both quartz and ceramic ovens in a sleek, all-metal finish.

Sol E-Nectar Collector by Mig Vapor is a device for dabswaxes that comes with quartz and ceramic coil heads and has a mAh battery. Nexus Pro is quick to assemble and charge, easy to use, and long-lasting; a perfect combination for anyone seeking a vaporizer pen. The QuickDraw X3, is a well-rounded wax vaporizer with a lot to offer. See why in this complete review. The VaporCone Discreet concentrates pen is draw-activated and uses an attachment that lasts for between puffs. I was a smoker for over 25 years.

In this time I also earned my medical degree with a specialization in addiction treatment and counseling. That period has led me to vaping, my interest started around Wow i find this site very informative and helpful for an old school smoker like myself. Thanks Vaping Daily for the educative information about Dabs Pens. Please help. Hi Paige, I find that I have this problem too! And consider picking up a water attachment that will cool down the incoming vapor, that always helps.

Hey yall. Thx yall!! Copy and paste this code at Domain. Search text. Most popular. Two-in-one function Interchangeable coils Variable voltage options The Sol E-Nectar is a highly flexible wax pen that is small, discreet, and can fit in the palm of a hand.